Have you searched for your business name or your name on Google Search? What were the results you experienced?

  • Do you have a Referral Panel on the top or right-hand side of the search results page?
  • Do you have your own business video?
  • Are you making timely posts on social media?

Research by Google and Nielsen indicate that more than 80% of your prospects once they get a company or name recommendation do a Google Search to learn more about your company.

The question then is how do you look to your customers and prospects?

Here are 5 shocking facts YOU didn’t know about online reviews:

1 – 97% of consumers say they read reviews about local businesses
2 – 90% of consumers say positive reviews influenced their purchase decision
3 – 82% of users visit review sites because they intend to buy a product or service
4 – 83% buy within a week
5 – There are 83 Million total reviews on YELP

Did you know that in 2014 Google changes its organic search algorithm to drive better results using user-generated and video content? Google also provided priority positioning to businesses who are actively posting on YouTube and Google+.

ShoppeSimple Network helps your organization drive proactive referral conversion using both your Business and Personal Referral Panels along with Reputation Videos.

Working with ShoppeSimple Network will provide your business with a similar change in your Google Search results.

What is Reputation Marketing?

As most reputation marketing companies will tell you, reputation management alone doesn’t increase revenue or grow your business. However, building and then marketing your great 5-Star reviews all across the internet will have customers turning away from your competition and flocking to you.


Reputation marketing uses your best customer’s words and video to gain the interest and trust from your potential customers. People buy from businesses they like and trust. Reviews and testimonials embedded in your videos are as trustworthy as personal referrals which is why we market your 5-Star reputation reviews and video content all across the internet so it reaches more potential customers. Some of the places we’ll market your reputation include:

  • Your website or blog
  • Search engines (including Local Listing)
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • YouTube (Ask about our Review Videos!)
  • and more

To learn more about ShoppeSimple Network and how we will help your business grow — simple call us at 952-807-8364 or email info@shoppesimplenetwork.com or book a time in our calendar at www.bookeo.com/shoppesimple

Looking forward to connecting with you!